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Friday, 14 October 2011

Save Money by Reupholstering Old Furniture

Have you loved an old chair, which is beginning to look a little 'rough around the edges? Perhaps to find one in a flea market a sofa, which is well built, but to praise a few holes? You can learn to reupholster old furniture and save money. Read on to learn reupholstering can save money, and essentially how to deal with the do-it-yourself (DIY) reupholstering project.

How can old furniture Reupholstering save me money?

If you use a professional decorator or yourself, you are restoring an old cabinet and above the cost of buying a new piece.

Not only is it great restoration of old furniture by reupholstering, it also means a return to a sustainable lifestyle. Instead of such a consumer culture mentality of always buying everything new, you can restore a larger work, what you have already - and enjoy the results!

With reupholstering old furniture, you can fix the broken frames, repair or replace strings, then install a new pad, select the custom fabrics, and also monitor the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into the structure. With these different options and features, you just can't let the opportunity to pass by.

What are the basics of reupholstering old stuff?

If you are new at reupholstering an old piece of furniture, here are some simple steps to give you a basic overview of the project. You can view a more detailed DIY book or video to help you through it.

First, you need to assemble tools, including a pair of needle nose pliers, a new fabric, batting, paper cutter, plaster, heavy scissors, screwdriver, staple gun industry, reupholstering hammer, nails and tack puller tool.

If you want, you can often buy the entire tool kit for reupholstering in many hardware stores.

After removing most of the cabinet, replacing the club and then set a new upholstery tacks, staples and glue. Of course, when you start reupholstering old furniture it will be much more complicated, but it is the basis of any plan for the filling.

For starters, try to start small and focus on a manageable project, a chair cushion dining room. From here you can set higher goals to dealing with sofas and headboards, because when you get the reupholstery bug, you will not be able to stop working on old furniture to save money.


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