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Monday, 10 October 2011

How to reupholster a chair

Is your favorite chair easily on its last legs? Well, dont get disappointed just yet, reupholster it! The furniture went out of fashion? Do not buy a new, just reupholster your chair! With furnitures increased pricing, it is no wonder that so many people want to reupholster all types of furniture. And it is easier than you think. When these simple tips and advice on reupholstering a chair is in your hands, you have all the basics of reupholstering furniture.

Reupholstering a seat of the chair base is a simple project, ideal for beginners. And if you make a mistake, you will not have to redo an entire couch.

The choice of an acceptable fabric is crucial to the success of reupholstering. Normal tissue is not strong enough, you need to buy upholstery fabric. Fabric covering can be found in many places, on the Internet to the local center for the home. Many upholstery fabrics are stain resistant, as reupholstered furniture is extremely durable.

You can reupholster almost all types of furniture, just as long as it is covered with fabric. Reupholstering old furniture will save you a lot of money, and save the landfills that are currently filling up. Not only can you change the upholstery fabric to show your creativity, you can add things like extra padding for furniture that did not exist beforehand, resulting into a creation of a new piece of furniture.

You will need some basic tools before you can start reupholstering a chair. Needle-nose pliers to extract the different sizes of the base fabric and the border, a powerful stapler or upholstery tacks and upholstery hammer, rubber mallet, scissors, glue gun and several screwdrivers with flatheads. Do not forget extra pad and you will also need welting. Welting is the cloth in the back of a chair or sofa that hides the seam and used as garnish.

Now with the given tools, you can reupholster a chair. You must first remove the seat of the chair by removing the screws that hold it in position above the chair. Then, using needle nose pliers or a screwdriver, remove all the rivets and carefully remove the tissue without harming it. Do not throw away the fabric! You must be able to trace a pattern on a new canvas. Remove and discard the old Wadding.

Make a new piece of wood in the seat. Now, using the old piece of upholstery fabric as a guide, draw the head with a piece of chalk. Cut out the pattern, leaving at least three inches or more outside of the fabric.

Now, place a wooden seat, padding and upholstery fabric upside down on a bench. Stretch the fabric tightly and begin stapling the wood behind the seat. When you arrive at the corners, carefully fold the edges and staple in every corner. Now replace the seat and you've just reupholstered a chair!


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I tried to do that with my egg chair using the on this website but it didn't look much better after I finished doing all the stuff mentioned there.. any advice for me?

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