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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Reupholstering a Wingback Chair Part 2

We have already covered the wingback chair reupholster materials in the first part of this series, as well as instructions on how to remove the existing fabric. We also started on the instructions for reupholstering the back. Here, we will go about reupholster the seat and arms.

Seat upholstery

Step 1

Cover the seat with the new fabric and pull across the back of the chair. Pull it well, short, to the bottom bar of wood.

Step 2

At the front of the seat, pull the fabric tight and staple it to the lower lip of the chair. Fold the fabric so that it properly frames the wooden legs of the chair.

Step 3

Take the fabric side of the seat, make a clean tuck, pull it tight, and stapled to the wooden frame. Cut the excess fabric (about ¼ "from staples).

Reupholstering the arms

Step 1

Take the fabric that is cut for the arm and spread it over the right arm. Fold about one-third of the fabric forward where it meets the back of the chair. Find a wooden frame which is located outside of the arm, and staple the fabric to it.

Step 2

Inside the arm, pull the fabric across the frame around the outside. Pull hard, a staple of the wooden structure.

Phase 3

Back to the top of the arm, with the fabric folded forward, find the center of the fabric. The center hole is cut right back through the fabric, where it bends. Open the fabric and pull both ends tight. Staple two parts of the to the frame.

Step 4

Now, there must be some excess tissue left at the front of the arm. Take the cloth and unfold the arm. Then staple it to the structure.

Repeat the steps for the other arm.

The next and final article we will cover the steps to reupholstering wings and offer some tips on how to complete the wingback chair.


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