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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Reupholstering of Antique Chairs

Let us say you bought a chair on Ebay, with curved legs beautiful and fascinating. Unfortunately, the sinister design shakes your mind, but you have the foresight to look beyond the age of print to see its beautiful soul.

Luckily, this article will help you bring out the best from your antique chair.

You can take your chair to a reupholstering company that will charge you anywhere from $ 250 - $ 350 for a single chair. Or you can take matters into your own hands and complete the do-it-yourself reupholstery. Antique chair upholstery is time consuming, but it's pretty simple to do. Allot as much as two to three days for this new fabric, because it is easy. So here we go, how to reupholster your antique chair.

While it is an antique furniture, it must be cleaned first. There may be a living spider on grandma's rocking chair, so before you start reupholstering it, thoroughly clean it using a soft brush and gloves. Gently brush the cobwebs and dust off the furniture, turning from left to right, cleaning up the mess. Once the furniture is clean of dust and cobwebs, you are ready to reupholstering your furniture.

Now for the steps.

Step 1: Remove the chair. Use a screw to unscrew the seat off of the chair and remove it gently. Put the screws in a box, if you can, so it is not lost. Would not it have a downside if you can not find it, after all of the reupholstering?

Step 2: Turn the chair seat upside down. You should see a sort of foam under it. Staples or nails should be given to security around the edge. Carefully remove the staples or nails or staples clamp removal. You are not using these staples or nails after reupholstering furniture, so you can reject these elements.

Step 3: Remove the foam and cover, then pull the old seat cover. Check out the foam. Is it in good condition? If so, then you can keep the foam. However, signs of mold, or foul smell, you have to replace the rubber. You can buy foam chair in fabric stores, especially those specializing in the fabric of the furniture.

Now you're ready to reupholster your vintage chair.

How to Reupholster with new material

You will need the canvas, Sharpie, and a heavy-duty stapler. This is the real part reupholstering.

Step 4: Fold the fabric in half, so you know where is the half way mark. Brand back with a marker.

Step 5: Put the seat of the chair upside down gently on the fabric. Trace the outline of the chair on the back of the canvas. Cut 2 to 3 inches above the edge with scissors.

Step 6: Take the foam and replace it on the bottom. Safely staple at the edges of the chair, making sure to be careful.

Step 7: Place the seat of the chair down on the canvas. Wrap the fabric around the seat of the chair, the basic element of the extra fabric in the seat structure. Staple every inch or so carefully, ensuring that the tissue is firm and smooth. Go to any top to bottom, making sure every base is securely attached.

Step 8: If you want to add material to the chair reupholster, you can set a double-piping along the side of the seat. You only need to use a hot glue gun to add some pipe on the seat chair.

Now you're probably wondering why I suggested two or three days. It is because of the removal of the staples. You are dealing with a fragile, antique chair so you must take great care not to break it.


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Anyway, do you think we could do the same thing with a wishbone chair? I tried doing it but failed really bad. Used this guide to help me but still couldn't figure it out

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